Semi Automatic Powerkube XL Baler

The Powerkube XL baler is the largest baler in the range, with an overall length of 6535mm. It also produces mill sized bales, but its extended loading aperture allows large items of waste i.e. bulky cardboard boxes to be baled effectively.

One of a range of materials handling options such as conveyors and bin tipplers can be fitted to the machine to facilitate easy loading of the waste. Once the bales are completed the user is alerted by a flashing light and the bale can quickly be tied off and ejected onto a pallet. Completed bales can then often be collected by waste processors in return for revenue.

  • Cycle time : 46 seconds
  • Maximum bale size : 1143 x 1490 x 762 mm
  • Bale weight : Cardboard 585 kg / Plastics 450kg (dependent on density)
Length 6535 mm (21 ft 5.25 in)
Height (to the top of machine frame) 1187mm
Width 2180mm
Motor 15 kw (20 hp)
Cylinder bore 200mm (7.875 in)
System pressure PSI/Bar 158 bar (2300 psi)
Ram force 50.8 tonnes (49.9 tons)
Cycle time 46 secs
Loading aperture (L x W) 1590mm x 1490 mm
Maximum bale size (L x W x H) 1143mm x 1490mm x 762mm (45 x 59 x 30 in)
Power supply rating (415v three phase) 40 amp ‘D’ rated
Shipping weight 9.84 tonnes
Bale weight*

Cardboard: 585kg
Plastic: 450kg (dependent on density)

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