Pakawaste Ltd have put their best ‘boot’ forward to support a Funky Foot Campaign in aid of a hospital fundraising event.

Big Foot at Meadowhall Shopping CentreThe Meadowhall Shopping Centre in Sheffield invited suppliers to purchase an enormous boot to assist the Paediatric Limb Reconstrucion Service at Sheffield Children’s Hospital raise their target of £70,000 to help young children get back on their feet again. So Pakawaste certainly had to put their foot down and create their own funky boot. Decorated by the companies very own in-house designers, the thinking behind Pakawaste’s boot design was to create a funky Big Foot creature. The ‘Big Foot’ is in fact just one of Pakawaste’s stomping good waste compactors so Pakawaste could not resist creating a Big Foot type creature, munching to compact all types of waste to be recycled. Throughout September visitors hot footing it to the centre will be able to view Pakawaste’s boot along with other funky feet in the shopping centre malls. I hope you don’t think it’s a load of rubbish.