One of our newest balers and the first of its kind is the Extractpack which combines baling and draining out of date beverage cans and bottles in one step (as featured in the photograph). These new machines extract the liquid contents and simultaneously bale the containers, either aluminium cans or pet bottles. All the liquid residue is contained in the specially designed collection tray and is then gravity fed into the treatment system. The Bale weights of pet bottles vary depending on density but the average is 120kgs and for aluminium cans the average weight is 80kgs. Pakawaste also offer the largest range of waste handling equipment in the UK, Pakawaste’s wide product portfolio ranges from static to portable compactors, vertical and horizontal balers, industrial and office shredders, Rotokrush equipment, bin tipping equipment but to name a few. We also offer comprehensive service packages, from All Inclusive to Preventative Maintenance on any machine. For further press information please contact: Marketing Department, Pakawaste Ltd Tel: 01772 796688 Fax: 01772 792474