Pakawaste Ltd has supplied various machines to RHM Culinary Brands over the years and was contacted by the Manchester Division for a free waste audit.

RHM Culinary Brands are suppliers of food sauces to the leading retailers so as the demand for their products grew, so did their volume of metal drums on site meaning they required a machine to deal with them. Pakawaste recommended a Drumkrush which benefits are Volume Reduction making it more cost effective, easier to load vehicles and safer to transport on the highway. The DRUMKRUSH is designed to reduce volume of all types of steel and aluminium drums up to 45 gallon capacity. The machine robustly constructed and all sides are enclosed to meet health and safety standards. The compaction head, which runs on heavy roller guides, is fitted with strategically spikes which, when the machine is activated, puncture the drum to allow all excess air expelled safely during the crushing cycle. Compaction head exerts in excess of 18 of force on to the drum, which reduces volume by an impressive 7:1, thus maximising savings on scrap transportation. Residue are automatically drained into the stainless steel catchment tray which can be emptied manually or through a pumping system. RHM have fitted a weatherproof canopy to protect the Drumkrush and the operator from the elements. For further press information please contact: Marketing Department, Pakawaste Ltd Tel: 01772 796688 Fax: 01772 792474