Oceala Limited invited Pakawaste to work in conjunction with them to provide Dixon’s Stores Group with the most effective Waste Handling and Material Recycling solution at their two new National Distribution Centres.

Dixon Store Group BalerAfter comprehensive discussions about proposed waste arisings at the new sites, Pakawaste were able to recommend the installation of a Powerkube XL ‘mill sized’ horizontal baler at the Bristol Site, to deal with the particular problem of large cardboard sheet along with a Powerkrush 75 with rear end loader to solve the problems with General Waste. The Newark Site also had a Powerkrush 75 with rear end loader and tippler installed to assist with General Waste and a MX600 baler to deal with the Plastic Waste. The Powerkube XL reduces waste in volume by up to 90%. The waste is pressed into mill sized bales measuring 1143 x 1490 x 762mm and weighing approximately 500kg. The machine has a potential throughput of up to 2000kg per hour. Conveyor and Wheelie Bin Tippler feeding of the Powerkube machines was implemented allowing some automation and thus speeding up of the loading process. This large high density baling press with 30 tonnes ofpressure reduces waste by up to 90% and is suitable for a number of different materials, including cardboard, shredded paper, shrink films, etc. The MX600 produces mill sized bales which can be taken away by a waste plastic processor to provide extra revenue for the company. The baler has a lifting mechanism for discharging the bale directly onto a pallet for ease of use. Waste retention teeth are fitted preventing spring back of material to guarantee maximum bale weights are accomplished. The MX600 is manufactured according to CE standards and has excellent safety features, including bolted doors and a triple encoded solenoid switch. In addition to the environmental advantages of baling, there are significant financial advantages, including excellent return on investment due to the extra revenue generated from the sale of the bales of cardboard. The POWERKRUSH 75 is a medium sized static compactor designed for general waste mainly loaded by hand or via wheeled bin. It is the most popular compactor in our range and is used in conjunction with containers ranging from 14 to 40 cubic yards. For further press information please contact: Caroline Dean, Marketing Manager, Pakawaste Ltd Tel: 01772 796688Fax: 01772 792474 caroline@pakawaste.co.uk