Pakawaste has re-defined maintenance and service agreements in the waste handling sector by widening its remit to encompass third party equipment. Whatever type or brand of machine you have on site Pakawaste’s highly trained and experienced service engineers can now offer you the same first class service that is available to businesses that own or lease Pakawaste manufactured and supplied equipment.

In order to facilitate an unrivalled level of after sales, preventative maintenance and response support service, Pakawaste currently employs a dedicated team of 30 service engineers, based at strategic locations throughout the UK.

With a Pakawaste Service Agreement you can benefit from:

  • Trouble free waste equipment maintenance from the market leader
  • 24hr national breakdown services that reduce downtime
  • All-inclusive maintenance and service agreements
  • Third party cover regardless of equipment brand or manufacturer
  • A proven track record!

What does the Waste Handling Equipment, Maintenance Service Agreement Cover?

Pakawaste Service Agreements are designed to meet the requirements of any business that utilises waste handling equipment, regardless of market sector. The agreements offer the greatest choice and depth of service available in the UK, with quick response times and qualified engineers available around the clock if required.

Pakawaste are able to tailor service agreements to a customer’s specific requirements including:

  • General machine checks, repairs and rebuilds
  • Routine maintenance and service visits (operator training included for FREE, if required)
  • Machine modifications and re-location
  • Electrical safety tests
  • Safety interlock function tests
  • Fully documented and traceable service records
  • Health & Safety checks
  • Certified operator training (for up to five operatives)

In order to help you get the best service for your business, Pakawaste Service Agreements have been divided into three distinct service areas;

  • Preventative Maintenance Agreements,
  • All-Inclusive Maintenance Agreements and
  • 24hr Response Support Cover.

Pakawaste covers all recycling and waste reduction equipment, compactors, balers and shredders regardless of manufacturer

Products and manufacturers that are covered by our maintenance agreements

Third Party Equipment Covered

We cover all brands of waste handling equipment, balers, compactors and shredders

With a network of 30 engineers around the UK Pakawaste has a reputation for exceptional After Sales Service. This customer focused approach is also extended to Pakawaste’s maintenance service and breakdown response agreements.

Whatever type or brand of machine you have on site Pakawaste’s highly trained and experienced service engineers are available to supply preventative maintenance service or response breakdown cover. Pakawaste also utilise an extensive network of part suppliers to ensure minimum downtime on any machine.

All Waste Handling Equipment Brands, Manufacturers and Models Covered

Just some of the third party machines covered by Pakawaste maintenance service and breakdown agreements:

  • Dicom Thetford
  • PDE – Geesink
  • Orwak
  • Capital Compactors
  • Greenbank
  • Garbage Gorger

Maintenance and Service Support Hotline Information

Pakawaste’s hotline support number is open Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm. Our maintenance and service support team will take your account details and ask a few brief question to try and ascertain the nature of the problem, before alerting the nearest available engineer to your location.

If you are registered as a critical cover account, 24/7 coverage, and your call is an out of hours emergency your call will be routed direct to our nearest available standby engineer ensuring a speedy response.

Pakawaste’s aim is to make our services as accessible to the customer as possible and to have your machines operational and functioning at an optimum level at the earliest opportunity.