Pakawaste Ltd, the market leader in the field of waste handling equipment, has recently supplied a re-manufactured MX600 baler to the Sharp Group of Rainham, in the London borough of Havering.

The Sharp Group has been providing waste management services for almost four decades, operating throughout London, Essex, and Kent, providing a wide range of waste services to help their customers achieve their zero-to-landfill goals. They provide roll-on-off container hire, skip hire, and grab loader hire, with same-day delivery, and their team of professional operatives are well known and respected for their outstanding customer service.

The MX600 vertical baler is a high-density baling press with 30 tonnes of pressure which reduces waste by up to 90% and is suitable for a number of different materials, including cardboard, shredded paper and shrink films. The baling press has a lifting mechanism for discharging the bale directly onto a pallet for ease of use. Waste retention teeth are fitted, preventing spring back of material to guarantee maximum bale weights are accomplished. Completed bales are quickly tied off and the 500kg mill-size bales are ejected ready for collection by a waste stream merchant.

The MX600 is ideally suited to the requirements of the customers of the Sharp Group and the mill-sized bales it produces can be taken away by a wastepaper processor to provide extra revenue for the company. The Sharp Group is extremely satisfied with the installation, commenting on the great service received from the whole Pakawaste team, with their customer is now benefiting from the increased payload with fewer collections and a less labour-intensive process.