New compaction machine Installed

Pakawaste Limited, the UK’s market leader in the manufacture and supply of waste handling equipment, has recently delivered and installed a new compaction machine for the recycling of polystyrene at State Works, La Hure Mare depot in Guernsey.

New Pakawaste Compaction MachineThe new machine, a Cut Compact, compacts polystyrene (EPS) at a ratio of about 80:1 facilitating easy shipment of the product and reducing transportation costs. Pakawaste’s Cut Compact is a briquetting press with an integrated shredding unit specifically designed for the compaction of dry polystyrene (EPS). It produces briquettes with a density of 700kg/m3 that are easy to handle and store. Previously disposed of in landfill, the acquisition of the Pakawaste Cut Compact will allow businesses and commercial waste contractors to deliver polystyrene directly to States Works for processing having first collected a ticket from one of the States Works waste facility weighbridges. New bins have been provided at Mont Cuet and the Longue Hougue Waste Recycling Facility for the general public, where islanders can drop off their polystyrene packaging. The briquettes are shipped to a company called Robust Limited who have developed a polystyrene recycling process. Robust buy the compacted material which is then shipped from Guernsey to their facility in Wales. The EPS will be turned into a wood substitute which can be used for a range of applications, including decking, park benches and facia boards. Robust Limited’s Managing Director, Clive Rodgers said, “The product looks like wood and can be handled the same, but does not rot and therefore does not need treating on an annual basis. The product has a 25 year limited warranty and uniquely, when it has reached the end of its useful life, we can purchase it back to be recycled again. How green is that?” David Hamer, Pakawaste Managing Director said: “This was just the kind of project the Cut Compact was designed to service and it’s certainly one Pakawaste is proud to be part of. The combined expertise of States Works, Robust and Pakawaste has delivered the ideal recycling solution for polystyrene waste in Guernsey.” Pakawaste offers the largest range of waste handling equipment in the UK and is constantly pushing the boundaries of research and development enabling it to continually update its extensive portfolio of products to provide clients with the latest cutting edge technology in waste handling solutions.