Pakawaste Ltd, the market leader in the field of waste handling equipment, has recently supplied a Powerkube XL and Powerkrush P85 to AstraZeneca’s Alderley Park site.

Powerkube XLAstraZeneca is one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies; their business ethos is focused on providing innovative, effective medicines. As a global business they have made a real difference in important areas of healthcare. AstraZeneca not only maintain the highest standards and ethical practise in the research and development of medicines, they are also aware of their responsibility for consistently high standards of behaviour worldwide in all areas of their business including waste management and environmental issues. In order to facilitate their corporate and environmental policies AstraZeneca recently reviewed the waste management operation at their Alderley Park site. As an existing customer of Pakawaste’s, AstraZeneca were already aware of the quality service Pakawaste provide and asked them to survey the site with the aim of refining the waste handling process to include the ability to recycle. The project focused on the improvement of AstraZeneca’s general and cardboard waste management. Pakawaste’s Powerkube XL with its heavy duty construction and hydraulic shear unit was identified as the most suitable for the application. The Powerkube XL was installed complete with a hydraulic side loader, the completed bales are quickly tied off and the 500kg mill size bales are ejected ready for collection by the waste stream merchant. The waste stream handling equipment also includes the Powerkrush 85 complete with hydraulic loader, this extremely powerful machine is used to handle all the general waste generated on this site. AstraZeneca are extremely satisfied with their new installation, and are benefiting from a massive reduction in landfill, fewer collections and a less labour intensive process. Pakawaste’s solution represented the best long term value to AstraZeneca who have also taken advantage of Pakawaste’s outstanding maintenance and service support.