Pakawaste limited, the UK’s market leader in the manufacture and supply of waste handling equipment, has just confirmed the prestigious contract to supply an integrated waste handling system for Heathrow Airport Terminal 5.

As part of the design and construction of Terminal 5, BAA had to carefully consider the environmental impact as well as the logistical implications of dealing with the vast amount of waste that would be created by the estimated 30 million passengers passing through over 20,000m of retail space occupied by some 144 stores and restaurants. To give an indication of the size of the site, the new terminal building will have stands for 60 aircraft and will be 400 meters long. With the huge scale of the project and the heightened security issues now affecting airports across the world, a whole new approach needed to be designed specifically for Terminal 5 that would enable swift, cost effective and secure handling and storage of waste prior to recycling. With many complex issues to consider, BAA selected Pakawaste to design and supply a range of specialist large scale compactors and ancillary equipment based on Pakawaste’s unrivalled expertise and reputation in the industry for managing and installing large scale projects on time and within budget. BAA also took into consideration the company’s excellent reputation for providing a high level of after sales technical and service support. As part of their strategy, BAA identified the benefits of sorting and recycling as much waste material as possible on site and this was “key” in the development of the chosen waste solution. To assist the operatives achieve recycling goals, 12 Pakawaste Powerkrush waste 85 compactors complete with hydraulic wheely bin loaders will be installed with 6 machines to be sited at each end of the building. The 6 machines are then divided into 3 for airside and 3 for landside disposal purposes. To further assist with recycling targets, the 3 machines in each area are painted different colours for different waste streams, Grey coloured compactors for Non Recyclable waste. Green coloured compactors for recyclable waste & Brown coloured compactors for cardboard only. Different coloured wheely bins matching the compactors will also be located throughout the terminal to encourage operatives to segregate the waste at source. Additional compactors will also be installed at satellite buildings with T5B (the satellite building) having 1 Powerkrush 85 compactor for cardboard, the NAA (aircraft waste collect point) having 2 Powerkrush 85 compactors, 1 Green for recyclable waste and 1 Brown for cardboard only and finally the SAA (aircraft waste collect point) having 2 Powerkrush 85 compactors, 1 Green for recyclable waste and 1 Brown, again for cardboard only. Commenting on the completion of this major contract, group operations director Malcolm Moon said: “The timescales on this project were very tight, but BAA have the same “can do” attitude as we have which proved very important in getting the equipment in place on a very busy construction project.” Celebrating 30 years in business this year, Pakawaste has achieved its status as a market leader in the production, supply and maintenance of waste handling equipment including vertical & horizontal balers, static , portable & specialist compactors, shredders and bin equipment. Pakawaste offers the largest range of waste handling equipment in the UK and is constantly pushing the boundaries of research and development enabling it to continually update its extensive portfolio of products to provide clients with the latest cutting edge technology in waste handling solutions.