Pakawaste Limited, the UK’s market leader in the manufacture and supply of waste handling equipment, launched the Superlizzy screw compactor at the RWM in September 2007.

Superlizzy Screw CompactorSuperlizzy’s sophisticated design is the first of its kind in the UK. Specifically engineered to deliver a simple, effective and hygienic solution for food waste disposal to the catering industry, the Superlizzy utilises a compacting screw system for continuous compaction. The automated system separates solid waste from the liquid part. Compacted solid waste is collected into a special bag while the liquid is collected into a reservoir or discharged directly into the sewers. Both the solid waste bag and the liquid waste reservoir are placed on an extractable trolley for ease of access. The machines are also equipped with an automatic system for cleanliness and sanitation thanks to an integral sanitising system. “Today’s catering managers are looking for compact, efficient food waste disposal appliances which deliver consistent performance and require little input from their staff. The Superlizzy delivers this and much more,” said David Hamer, managing director of Pakawaste. “The Superlizzy is an automated waste compacting machine; it separates solid waste from liquid allowing for effective disposal with a minimal footprint.” David also explained the wider appeal of the Superlizzy as a flexible solution for food waste disposal. “The Superlizzy offers high-end design features and technological superiority for food waste disposal to fast food outlets, cafeterias, leisure facilities and airports across the UK. It can be incorporated into a work place with minimal effort, requiring only rudimentary training and is suitable for any setting.”