Pakawaste Ltd, the market leader in the field of waste handling equipment, has recently supplied two MX600 ‘true mill size’ balers to HM Prison Services, Grampian.

The new HMP (Her Majesty’s Prison) & YOI (Young Offender Institution) Grampian only began admitting its first prisoners on Monday, March 3rd 2014. The establishment, which will hold approximately 500 prisoners, including men, women and young offenders, has replaced the previous HMPs Aberdeen and Peterhead.

It aims to make the communities of the North East of Scotland and beyond safer by protecting the public, reducing reoffending and by doing so reduce the number of victims of crime.

In addition to its primary focus the service aims to adopt and maintain outstanding environmental credentials. The MX600 ‘three phase’ high density baling press is ideal for the establishment’s requirements and will play a major part in the recycling of prison waste. With 30 tonnes of pressure it reduces waste by up to 90% and is suitable for a number of different material, including cardboard, paper, plastics and shrink films.

The MX600 produces ‘true mill size’ bales which can be taken away by a waste processor to provide extra revenue for the establishment. The MX600 is manufactured according to CE standards and has excellent safety features, including bolted doors and a triple encoded solenoid switch.