Pakawaste Limited, the UK’s market leader in the manufacture and supply of waste handling equipment, has recently delivered and installed new equipment to Nightfreight (GB) Ltd Depots. The 1st phase roll out has now been completed and equipment throughout the network, consisting of five Static Rotokrush, four MX600, four VB56, one P1000, two P2000, one P50, two P75 and one P85.

Pakawaste’s UK Product Manager, Andy Mall was asked on site to conduct a review and site survey. This resulted in Pakawaste recommending the installation of various pieces of waste handling equipment. “Nightfreight (GB) Ltd are extremely satisfied with their new installations, the increased payloads and segregation of waste for recycling means fewer collections which all equates to less waste being sent to landfill” said Andy Mall, UK Product Manager for Pakawaste Ltd.

David Downes from Nightfreight (GB) Ltd said “We have now finalised phase 1 of the install of equipment to 16 of our depots, the improvement and impact this has made on our depots and personnel are above what was expected. With the tireless help and support of Andy Mall since the recycling program was first discussed back in 2008 when he first started to carry out surveys of the depots through to now, shows the total commitment and professionalism of Pakawaste”. He then continued “From the confirmation of the order to the delivery, installation and training, confirm that Pakawaste was the correct choice for Nightfreight. The installation was dealt with ease on all occasions by Pakawaste Engineers who where on site ready to receive and supervise the delivery ensuring the equipment was fitted in the correct position and to the highest standard, a further credit to the Pakawaste team. With the advise and understanding of the business from David Hamer (MD) and Andy Mall, the change from FEL’s and REL’s has made Nightfreight sharper, smarter and more compliant to segregation and recycling, whilst being more cost effective in these difficult times”.

“The on-site training was well presented and has enabled my staff to engage in their responsibilities effectively and efficiently. The transition from emptying all of our waste into a general skip to segregation and recycling was seamless and immediate” Said Grahame Hodkinson – Nightfreight – Hoddesdon Depot Manager“. The cost effectiveness of the two machines has been demonstrated by the number of times that the Portakrush 1000 has needed to be emptied, in comparison to the old skip. Since the installation of these machines, the Portakrush 1000 has had to be emptied once and we have managed to recycle 4 pallet loads of cardboard and 2 pallet loads of plastic. Our old skip would, at the minimum, be emptied once a week. It has been some 12 weeks since the installation, so you can see that the math’s are greatly in our favour. I would wish to thank Pakawaste for the ease of the installation and its minimal impact to the operational procedures in place at the depots and a big thank you again to the Pakawaste team”.Dave Hamer, Pakawaste Managing Director said, “Pakawaste are extremely pleased with the partnership we now have with Nighfreight and have shown total commitment and professionalism with the implementation of Pakawaste equipment. We look forward to the continued support from Nightfreight and to a long and mutually beneficial business relationship”.Nightfreight’s Central Hub in the West Midlands had 6 FEL’s to collect and store general waste from, in and around the site. The waste consisted of wood (Pallets), shrink-wrap, cardboard and black bag waste from offices and shop floors. The FEL’s were being emptied seven days a week.Pakawaste introduced the waste handling equipment to help maximise their recycling potential. The general waste gets compacted resulting in maximised payloads and less frequent collections, wood waste is now segregated for recycling in 40 cubic yard open containers. The cardboard, shrink-wrap and polythene is baled into mill size bales and sold to recycling processors for an excellent rate.By implementing recycling and segregation via Pakawaste equipment Nightfreight, are achieving significant savings in their waste disposal costs at the Central Hub.Pakawaste offers the largest range of waste handling equipment in the UK and is constantly pushing the boundaries of research and development enabling it to continually update its extensive portfolio of products to provide clients with the latest cutting edge technology in waste handling solutions.