Pakawaste recently installed a Powerkube XL Baler for Preston Board & Packaging Ltd in Lancashire.

The customer’s existing equipment included an open channel horizontal baler that was used to manage the site’s recyclable material. This machinery was outdated and less than ideal; in addition to being many years old, it was also unable to produce mill size bales.

The time had come for a replacement. The customer wanted the ability to produce mill size bales, both to reduce transport costs and make rebate returns another revenue stream for the business.

Pakawaste’s sales representative, Lee Abbott, then visited the site and listened to the customer’s wishes for their next waste management system. After considering the size of the site, the amount of material to be handled and the requirement of mill size bales, Lee recommended a Pakawaste Powerkube XL Baler.

The Semi-Automatic Powerkube XL Baler is an advanced piece of machinery that is the most popular within the Powerkube range. Its 64-second cycle and the ability to produce mill size bales of up to 500kg in weight made the XL ideal for this client.

In addition, this large baler features a large aperture allowed the slab waste, cardboard tubes to be processed.

For the customer’s benefit, Lee then organised a visit to a working site featuring a Pakawaste XL baler. This visit was followed by a material bale trial at the Pakawaste factory. Because the new machinery needed to be integrated with an existing air system and conveyor, it was essential for the customer to see the baler in action.

Following the site visits and discussion with our expert team, Preston Board & Packaging Ltd opted to go ahead with the installation. They are now the proud new owners of a state-of-the-art Powerkube XL baler!

We’re delighted that the client chose our system and we hope they enjoy many years of efficient and trouble-free recyclable waste management. As Preston Board & Packaging Ltd produces around 65000 tonnes of paperboard every year, we imagine the Powerkube XL will see plenty of use!

Powerkube XL Baler for Preston Board & Packaging