Pakawaste Limited, the UK’s market leader in the manufacture and supply of waste handling equipment, has recently provided a Portakrush 2000 portable compactor at short notice to the new NHS Nightingale Hospital in East London. The UK government has created temporary hospital facilities at key geographical locations for the dedicated treatment of patients with the coronavirus.

pakawaste NHS

The NHS Nightingale Hospital, London, was the first of the NHS Nightingale (temporary) Hospitals set up by NHS England to add extra critical care capacity during the 2020 coronavirus epidemic. Other temporary facilities are located in Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, and Cardiff. It is housed in the ExCeL convention centre in East London and has an initial capacity for 500 patients, with potential for 4,000. The hospital was rapidly planned and constructed, being formally opened on 3rd April 2020 and receiving its first patients on 7th April 2020.

Pakawaste received a request to look at the general waste management needs for the hospital and after an initial consultation were quickly able to recommend the installation of a Portakrush 2000 (P2000) portable compactor with integrated bin loader and an ISS specification portable safety cage. The Portakrush range are a highly productive alternative to using skips for general waste. Pakawaste stock a wide range of portable compactors, which are distinguished by significantly high compaction and an easy emptying process and were able to fulfil the hospital’s requirements at short notice.

The P2000 is the largest portable compactor in this category, with an excellent ram penetration from its twin cylinder design, fully sealed container and options of hand feed or wheelie bin loading which is suitable for a number of different materials, including wet waste, mixed waste and dry waste. For the NHS Nightingale Hospital in London the P2000 has been configured with a bin loader and ISS specification portable safety cage.

Pakawaste offers the largest range of waste handling equipment in the UK and is constantly pushing the boundaries of research and development enabling it to continually update its extensive portfolio of products to provide clients with the latest cutting edge technology in waste handling solutions.

Pakawaste are still manufacturing waste handling equipment to support the NHS and food manufacturing and distribution companies, and are maintaining a fully operational service desk and site engineer services through these difficult times.

These are unprecedented and challenging times for us as a nation: we greatly applaud the enormous efforts of the NHS and its staff and volunteers during the COVID-19 pandemic.