Pakawaste Limited, the UK’s market leader in the manufacture and supply of waste handling equipment, has just successfully completed a very complex and specialist shredder installation at British Energy’s nuclear power station.

As part of British Energy’s drive to cut waste management costs and lower their carbon footprint, British Energy enlisted the help of waste management specialists Pakawaste. Pakawaste proposed a solution which would ultimately reduce waste management costs, minimise handling/ transport requirements and slash landfill charges.

British Energy’s problem was the disposal of fitters’, masks, suits and boots. Previously they had been placed in 205 litre steel drums, one set of fitter’s equipment to a drum, sealed and disposed of in a specialist landfill site, at a cost of £1000 per drum.

One unusual difficulty was installing the BE specification shredder system into a small second floor room, which meant all the component parts had to be manhandled into position. The system comprises of a stainless steel loading cill and enclosed hopper which prevents flying debris, the shredder itself reduces the waste before it is transported to the drum via an enclosed screw conveyor, finally the waste is compressed in the drum using a vertical compactor on a drum trolley, the entire system is interlocked, sequenced and fitted with interior lighting.

Commenting on the completion of the installation, British Energy’s Ben Rees commented: “Pakawaste identified the solution to this particular waste problem immediately and clearly demonstrated the benefits to us. Previously we could only fit one set of fitter’s equipment in each drum, with the new system it’s as many as four. That’s a considerable saving to British Energy reducing landfill costs by 75% as well as limiting waste handling and transport to a minimum. We are delighted” David Hamer, Pakawaste sales and marketing director said: “Waste treatment legislation is changing, from 30th October 2007 it will be a legal requirement to treat waste before it can be landfilled, British Energy’s savings are considerable and the new system keeps them compliant with the new legislation. Whatever your waste requirements the aim should always be to maximise and optimise your waste operations. The rewards for doing this are both economical and environmental.”

Celebrating 30 years in business this year, Pakawaste has achieved its status as a market leader in the production, supply and maintenance of waste handling equipment including vertical & horizontal balers, static , portable & specialist compactors, shredders and bin equipment.

Pakawaste offers the largest range of waste handling equipment in the UK and is constantly pushing the boundaries of research and development enabling it to continually update its extensive portfolio of products to provide clients with the latest cutting edge technology in waste handling solutions.