Pakawaste Ltd, the market leader in the field of waste handling equipment, has recently supplied its 6000th machine to Roydon Recycling, in Rochdale.

Roydon Recycling specialises in the management of outsourced waste streams and has over 20 years experience optimising the value their customers receive from waste. Working in partnership with customers to create mutually beneficial solutions that meet the pressures of changing waste legislation and demands upon operational efficiency, it is essential that Roydon’s waste management equipment is reliable, cost-effective and well maintained. One of Roydon Recycling’s key accounts is with the largest supplier of own label beverages in the world, presently operating in the UK from three manufacturing plants. Roydon process the reject aluminium cans which are filled with beverages. Historically this had been done using a Revolution T2 screw compactor, however this had been becoming increasingly unreliable and wasn’t able to bale the product. Keen to build on the high level of service Roydon Recycling called in the waste management equipment specialists, Pakawaste. Once Pakawaste had evaluated the site and Roydon Recycling’s requirements they were able to recommend the Extractpak with hydraulic tippler for loading. The complete system is now automated, with automatic rather than manual loading. The tippler is designed to be loaded by fork lift truck, which means no double handling. The ‘one button’ operation not only pierces and empties the cans, but also bales the aluminium ready for recycling. All liquids are separated before baling for disposal down the drain. The new system has stopped the cross contamination which previously occurred when aluminium went into an open skip with other products. This has increased the recycling value considerably. Roydon Recycling is extremely satisfied with their Extractpak installation, and are benefiting from a less labour intensive process. The baled aluminium is now easier to manage, more economical to transport and has a higher value. Geoff Rand, Pakawaste Product Development Manager commented, “This is a bit of a landmark for Pakawaste being our 6000th commissioned machine.” He continued, “We are also very proud to be first the choice for companies like Roydon Recycling who are reliant on our expertise and high quality machinery to service their customers”.