Pakawaste Limited, the UK’s premier manufacturer and supplier of waste handling equipment, recently provided a Superlizzy 400PET specification food waste management machine to Bristol International Airport.

Superlizzy 400PETThe Superlizzy 400PET is specifically designed to process PET bottles and aluminium cans. Equipped with a compacting screw system for continuous compaction the Superlizzy 400PET automatically separates solid waste from the liquid part. The Superlizzy 400PET‘s ability to segregate, compact and separate liquids perfectly matched the airport’s requirements. As Sam Goldsworthy, Operations Co-ordinator at Bristol International Airport said, “Restrictions on the volume of liquids allowed when travelling from UK airports have resulted in passengers disposing of large quantities of plastic bottles when they reach the security search point. This means more waste for us to deal with, with the liquids contained in the bottles quite literally adding weight to the problem. The Superlizzy enables us to separate out recyclable materials from liquids, saving around one tonne a month from being sent to landfill.” In addition to the environmental and financial benefits, the Superlizzy 400PET makes it much easier for the waste to be handled and disposed of. Compacted solid waste is collected into a special bag while the liquid is collected into a reservoir and can even be discharged directly into sewers. Both the solid waste bag and the liquid waste reservoir are placed on a special extractable trolley, making it easy to empty and clean. All of the Superlizzy/Superbag range can be easily placed against a wall whilst the front side should be made accessible for the waste introduction.