Pets at Home invited Pakawaste Ltd to provide most effective waste handling and material recycling solutions for their new state of the art distribution centre at Northampton. The new distribution centre has a separate recycling facility enabling the company to maximise their efforts to meet its recycling target. After comprehensive discussions Pakawaste were able to recommend the installation of two Powerkube XL semi automatic horizontal balers complete with bespoke hydraulic loaders to bale all recyclable materials.The Powerkube XL reduces waste in volumes by up to 90%. The waste is pressed into mill sized bales, weighing approximately 500kg. The machine has a potential throughput of up to 2000kg per hour and can be manufactured and fitted with a range of loading apertures depending on individual requirements.In addition to the environmental advantages to baling, there are significant financial advantages, including excellent return on investment due to the extra revenue generated from the sale of the bales of cardboard or plastic.To further meet their environmentally conscious approach, Pets at Home has also relied on Pakwaste to manufacture and install their new Powerkrush 75 static waste compactor to deal with their general waste. The Powerkrush 75 is a medium sized static compactor designed for general waste. It is one of the most popular compactor in the range and is used in conjunction with containers ranging from 14 to 40 cubic yards.