Pakawaste manufactures a wide range of Bin Hoists and Tipplers to facilitate the automatic lift/inversion of waste per product container. Materials/Container Hoists provide a safe solution for lifting and lowering heavy payloads between floors of a factory or warehouse.

Free consultations are available by contacting our Sales Team on 01772 796688.

Benefits of Bin Hoist

  • Heavy duty steel frame construction
  • Carriage rise and fall – hydraulic and chain operation
  • Size of carriage floor area can be varied to suit customer requirements
  • Payloads lifted can vary from 500 – 3500 kg
  • Roller tracking drive in/out system is available to minimise manual handling
  • Hoist entry and exit door options include counterbalanced, sliding or roller shutter
  • Completely safe to operate. These hoists are designed and manufactured to IP65 and CE Standards
  • Double interlocks are used for each load/unload operation