This large, high density baling press with 30 tonnes of pressure reduces waste by up to 90% and is suitable for a number of different materials, including cardboard, shredded paper, shrink films, etc.

Our MX600 Vertical Baler produces mill sized bales which can be taken away by a wastepaper processor to provide extra revenue for the company.

The baling press has a lifting mechanism for discharging the bale directly onto a pallet for ease of use. Waste retention teeth are fitted preventing spring back of material to guarantee maximum bale weights are accomplished. As well as that, the press produces compaction with up to 30 tonnes of pressure (300 KN).

The MX600 is manufactured according to CE standards and is BSEN16500 compliant.

  • Loading aperture : 1525 x 660 mm
  • Dry cycle time : 63 seconds
  • Maximum bale size : 1525 x 760 x 1440 mm
  • Bale weight : Up to 600 kg
  • Suitable for : Cardboard, plastics, shredded papers
Technical Specification
Footprint with door closed 2032 x 1075 mm (80 x 42 in)
Footprint with door open 2032 x 2520mm (80 x 99 in)
Height 3684mm (145 in)
Filling aperture 1525 x 660 mm (60 x 26 in)
Cycle time 63 secs
Ram stroke 1195mm(47″)
Motor rating 7.5 kw (10 hp)
Power supply rating (415v 3phase) 32amp, 3phase + neutral, motor rated
Pressing force 30.6 tonnes (30.11 tons)
Bale dimensions 1525 x 760 x 1440 mm (60 x 30 x 57 in)
Total weight of machine 2.27 tonnes (2.23 tons)
Maximum bale weight (dependant on material being baled) 600 kg (1323 lbs)

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