Pakawaste supply & manufacture a specialist pet bottle bailing machine which provides efficient waste handling of plastic bottles. Our Pet Baler eliminates the hard work of having to individually remove the caps of each plastic bottle.

The way in which it works is that the bailing machine pierces the bottles with ingenious spikes and empties all of the liquids into a 30L reservoir bottom. Find more details about our product below.

Pet Bailing Machine Features

  • Unique piercing mechanism eliminates the need for removal of bottle caps before baling
  • High compaction ratio
  • Suitable where there is a medium to large amount of plastic bottles for disposal
  • Roller guided head provides easy movement
  • Top loading baler
  • Saves time by loading free chamber while machine is in operation
  • Suitable where height is restricted
  • Bale lifting trolley included
  • 30 ltr retention tank with tap connection for collection of residual liquid left in bottles
Height 2.336 m
Width 2.050 m
Depth 0.861 m
Weight 562 kg
Transportation Ht 1.978 m
Power supply 220-240 v (single phase)
Motor 2.2 kw 16 amp
Pressing Force Up to 8 ton
Noise level 72 decibels
Loading aperture size 0.70 m wide x 0.50 m deep
Cycle times 35 seconds

For more information about our Pet Baler, please contact our team today.