The Portakrush 2000S is the largest portable compactor in this category, with an excellent ram penetration from its twin cylinder design, fully sealed container and options of hand feed or wheelie bin loading. The Portakrush 2000S is a heavy duty machine, suited for all applications including wet waste, mixed waste and dry waste.

Portakrush 2000S Twin Twin Cylinder
Overall length 6452mm
Overall width 2523mm
Overall Height 2850mm
Side loading height 1100mm
End loading height (drop down hook) 1350mm
Clear charge box length 981mm
Clear charge box width 1805mm
Charge box depth 658mm
Volume (container) 24.5 m 3 (32cyd)
CHEM volume per stroke 1.35m3
Normal operating compaction force 25 tonnes
Normal operating pressure 165bar
Dry cycle time 45 secs
Motor rating 5.5 kw
Power supply rating (415v 3 phase) 415V 3 phase 5 pin N + E
Total weight 5000kg