The Powerkrush 2000 is our largest sized Transfer Station with a capability of handling 507 cubic metres per hour of waste with a swept volume of 7.76 cubic metres, making this powerful compactor a natural choice in the design of high volume Refuse Transfer Stations.

This extremely powerful compactor is capable of transfer loading huge amounts of waste material quickly and efficiently into the largest of bulk containers. Massive sections are used throughout to ensure that no distortion takes place during the compaction process. The compaction ram penetrates the container by 750mm to ensure maximum compaction and eliminating spill-back. Automatic high-pressure tamping is included in the design to assist in ease of container changeover.

  • Charge area : 9.75 cu.m (12.75 cu.yds)
  • Dry cycle time : 51 seconds
  • Average cycle time (through container fill) : 55 seconds
  • Motor rating : 45 kw
Powerkrush 2000WTS
Overall length 7970 mm (313.75 in)
Overall width 2500 mm (98.5 in)
Overall height 2340 mm (92.125 in)
Overall weight 18 tonnes (17.7 tons)
Charge box length 2880 mm (113.375 in)
Charge box width 2000 mm (78.75 in)
Charge box height 1485 mm (58.5 in)
Charge box capacity 8.46 cu.m (10.99 cu.yd)
Charge box swept volume 7.76 cu.m (10.15 cu.yd)
Ram head penetration 750 mm (29.5 in)
Dry Cycle Time 51 secs
Average cycle time (through container fill) 55 secs
Throughput per hour 507 cu.m (660 cu.yd)
System pressure 147 kg/ (2100 lb/
Boost pressure 167 kg/ (2375 lb/
Operating pressure – Normal 72 tonnes (70.85 tons)
Operating pressure – Boost 82.45 tonnes (81.13 tons)
Ram face pressure running 3.64 kg/ (51.7 psi)
Boost 4.12 kg/ (58.5 psi)
Bore of cylinders 250 mm (9.875 in)
Diameter of hard chromed rod 160 mm (6.25 in)
Electric motor size 45 kw (60 hp)
Reservoir capacity 1000 litres (220 gallons)
Hydraulic oil type Shell Tellus 37 or equiv

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