The Powerkrush 75 is a medium sized static compactor designed for general waste mainly loaded by hand or via wheeled bin. It is the most popular compactor in our range and is used in conjunction with containers ranging from 14 to 40 cubic yards.

  • Charge area :1.3 cu.m (1.7 cu.yds)
  • Cycle time : 52 seconds
  • Motor rating : 7.5 kw
Powerkrush 75 Single Cylinder Twin Cylinder
Length (to container face) 2650mm 2650mm
Width (compactor body) 1972mm 1972mm
Height (top of charge box) 1300mm 1300mm
Charge box length 1105mm 1105mm
Charge box width 1524mm 1524mm
Charge box depth 908mm 908mm
Charge box volume 1.3 m³ 1.3 m³
CHEM volume displacement per stroke 1.3 m³ 1.3 m³
CHEM volume displacement per hour 70 m³ 54 m³
Compaction Force (normal) 18.7 tonnes* 24 tonnes (23.6 tons)
Compaction Force (boost) 21.4 tonnes* 27.4 tonnes (26.9 tons)
Ram face pressure (normal) 1.64kg/cm² 2.1kg/
Dry cycle time 52 secs 68 secs
Motor rating 7.5 kw 7.5 kw (10 hp)
Power supply rating (415v 3 phase) 32amp, 3ph + neutral, motor rated 32amp, 3ph + neutral, motor rated
Total weight (with enclosed hopper) 2.1 tonnes 2.25 tonnes

*Projected design capabilities

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