The Powerkrush 95 is the largest static compactor in our range. The huge charge area is most suitable not only for large bulky items but also for heavy industrial waste that requires extra pressure for volume reduction.

Typical applications include civic amenity sites and transfer stations where massive volumes of waste product can be compacted tidily and speed of disposal is essential. Heavy duty hoppers can be designed to suit individual loading applications. It is used in conjunction with a 40 cubic yard container.

Powerkrush 95
Overall length (to container face) 5280 mm (207.875 in)
Overall width (compactor body) 1708 mm (67.25 in)
Height (top of charge box) 1300 mm (51.25 in)
Charge box top opening length 2000 mm (78.75 in)
Charge box top opening width 1448 mm (57 in)
Charge box depth 933 mm (37 in)
Charge box volume 2.7 cu.m (3.53 cu.yd)
CHEM volume per stroke 2.06 cu.m (2.96 cu.yd)
CHEM volume per hour 224 cu.m (293 cu.yd)
Operating compaction force (normal) @ 2100PSi 27 tonnes*
Boost force (pinning) @ 2400PSi 30.8 tonnes*
Ram face pressure (normal) 2.3 kg/*
Dry cycle time 33 seconds
Motor rating 15 kw (20 hp)
Power supply rating (415v 3 phase) D40 amp†
Total weight 4.2 tonnes(4.1 tons)

* Projected design capabilities.

† If this machine is situated outside of the earth equi-potential zone it must also be protected by a triple pole RCD with a 30 milliamp tripping facility. (NOT A SOCKET).

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