The Rotokrush compaction system is a unique product which provides the customer with the flexibility to load up to 50 cubic yard containers with bulky materials such as packing cases, pallets, wood, glass fibre and other industrial/difficult medium density waste materials whilst achieving compaction ratios on average of 4:1.

The Static Rotokrush is fixed to a firm concrete base with single containers being placed in front of the machine for continuous compaction. Compacting into open containers allows fast, easy loading by forklift truck or loading shovel making this an ideal machine for high throughput sites.

Static Rotokrush
Required Headroom 6800 mm (267.75 in)
Roller Travel Limit 6600 mm (259.78 in)
Overall space required container length 1200 mm (72.75 in)
Maximum container width 2630 mm (103.5 in)
Distance between forklift pockets 1150 mm (44.5 in)
Roller width 1700 mm (67 in)
Roller diameter 1150 mm (45.25 in)
Roller weight 1.2 tonnes (1.18 tons)
Total weight 3.26 tonnes (3.21 tons)
Motor size 7.5 kw (10 hp)
Power supply 16 amps
Minimum level of waste 500 mm (19.75 in)