We supply & manufacture our very own, unique VB200D Vertical Baler. The baling system is ideal for a range of waste materials and simplifies the use of waste handling. Find out further details below:

VB200D Vertical Baler Features:

  • 150 – 250 kg bales
  • Saves handling time with multiple chambers: free to load while other chamber compacts
  • Multiple chambers offer an efficient way of separating different materials before baling
  • Roller guided head for ease of movement
  • Retaining claws to prevent spring back
  • Top loading machine
  • Suitable for areas with height restrictions
  • Fully automated bale ejector: simplifies removal of bales.

Optional Extras:

  • Additional chambers may be added (up to six)
  • Available with 110 volts power supply
  • Unique patented prong shaper design eliminates the need for pallets when lifting, stacking and transporting bales.

For more information about our VB200D baling system, or any other waste handling equipment, please contact our team today!