The WasteMaster Solution – Don’t waste your waste!

WasteMaster converts and reduces the weight and volume of food waste by up to 80%, changing it into a compost like odour-free residual material with a high calorific value, that can be re-purposed for a positive environmental benefit such as the production of green energy through anaerobic digestion.

WasteMaster is an innovative on-site continuous food and organic waste processing and converting system which uses a unique proprietary Mixed Ion Reactive Approach (M.I.R.A) technology to accelerate the decomposition of food waste without the need for water or any additives. For every 500kg of food waste loaded into the system, WasteMaster outputs just 100kg of residual material.

Simple Operation

The WasteMaster system is very simple to operate and can be loaded either manually or using an automatic bin loader. Only very brief operational training is required as there is minimal user intervention. All the user needs to do is load the machine and press the start button. The waste conversion process takes less than 24 hours, depending on the type of putrescible material loaded, and the WasteMaster system is remotely monitored, indicating when full and unloading automatically when the process has finished.

Clean and Simple Conversion Process

  • Food is loaded into the WasteMaster, manually or using the bin loader
  • No additives or water are required to activate the process
  • Food waste is treated through a clean reactive-oxygen process
  • The system agitates and separates the waste, creating air pockets
  • Water content is evaporated and decomposition accelerated
  • The system automatically unloads the remaining residue at the end of the process

WasteMaster’s Unique Technology – Mixed-ion Reactive Approach (M.I.R.A.)

Re-purpose your food waste

WasteMaster units incorporate proprietary Japanese technology – M.I.R.A. which helps to break down the cellular structure of food waste, releasing the fixed moisture and rapidly accelerating the natural decomposition process. The unique M.I.R.A. ionisation technology enables WasteMaster to process food waste without adding water, additives, enzymes, microorganisms, or any other elements.

  • After conversion only 20% of the volume of waste is output
  • The converted dry residual material is high in calorific value
  • Depending on the material loaded, the residue is suitable for a range of purposes including green energy
  • WasteMaster residue fits perfectly with the circular economy as re-purposed food waste rather than a contribution to methane gas

Re-purpose your Food Waste


Dimensions (LxWxH mm) 2505 (including chute) x 1445 x 1790. Clearance of W1600 and H2490 required for the loading hatch
Weight 2200kgs
Capacity Up to 400kg
Additives required None
Process time Up to 24 hours
Power supply 3 phase – 440V
Additional equipment Automatic bin lifter (980mm x 1190mm x 2260mm)
Shelter Bespoke weatherproof shelters can be supplied to suit size

WasteMaster is easily installed on site as it doesn’t release any emissions or odour during the process. The system doesn’t require a water or sewer/waste connection as no water is used during conversion and the WasteMaster produces only a small quantity of dry residue for re-use. All that is needed to install the system is a three phase power supply and an air outlet.

The WasteMaster conversion process diverts putrescible food waste from landfill, from being flushed into the sewer system or incinerated, helping to reduce the future global burden of greenhouse gas emissions. WasteMaster eliminates the need for both time-sensitive on-site food waste storage and frequent collections, making it ideal for businesses and sites, which generate significant amounts of organic waste. The WasteMaster system also aligns with the principles of the Circular Economy, ensuring the maximum possible benefit is captured from essential resources.

WasteMaster is ideal for a wide range of services and businesses including:

  • Food manufacturing and processing
  • Hospitals and institutions
  • Restaurants and catering sites
  • Hospitality

Why choose WasteMaster?

Future Life Value

  • Reduces your environmental impact
  • Re-purposes your food waste for positive re-use, in keeping with the principles of the Circular Economy
  • Reduces the volume and weight of your food waste by up to 80%
  • Reduces ever-increasing costs associated with food waste management
  • Provides a safer and cleaner work environment by eliminating both large amounts of rotting waste and frequent waste-collection vehicle movements
  • Reduces the quantity of collection bins required on site