VB200 Single Chamber Features: 200 - 300kg Produces a Euro pallet size bale Ideal for medium to large amounts of material. Full automated bale ejector, simplifies... Read More


VB100 Vertical Baler Features: Upto 150KG Bales A mid range baler with easy loading for larger size boxes Its retaining teeth make it ideal for... Read More


VB60HD Single Chamber The cross strapping tying system enables materials to be held securely within the bale. Fully automated bale eject system for simple removal of... Read More


The baling system is ideal for a range of waste materials and simplifies the use of waste handling. Find out further details below: VB200D Vertical Baler... Read More


VB60 SINGLE CHAMBER FEATURES Upto 75kg bales Suitable for where space is limited This model is ideal for baling both cardboard and plastic as well as... Read More


The VB56 baling system can reduce waste volumes by up to 90%. It is suitable for cardboard, paper, cans, plastics, shredded papers. It is easy... Read More


Vb40 single chamber Features: Upto 40kg bales Ideal for locations where space is restricted Produces a very small, compact bale Suitable for baling cardboard and plastic... Read More