Our range of waste balers protect all demands for waste handling. With a variety of balers, including vertical balers and horizontal balers, we have engineered safe, simple and fulfilling machinery. Our balers are built for supreme efficiency and low levels of maintenance to ensure a hassle free working environment.

Waste Balers are used for compacting waste, including materials such as cardboard’s, plastics, papers and everything in-between. Balers can convert waste into solid blocks of recyclable materials. The benefit of this being it can be easily collected for recycling. Balers minimize the working space needed for waste storage and reduce the cost of waste collection.

Our range of horizontal balers are designed to bale materials such as cardboard or plastic, and achieves a waste reduction of up to 80%. Our vertical balers can recycle material or be used for waste disposal, and guarantee a waste reduction of up to 90%. Both types of our waste baler are cost effective, user friendly, reliable, flexible and can be adapted to meet individual needs.

If you’re searching to improve your handling of solid waste, talk to Pakawaste to find the ideal waste solution to help you.

We have range of balers for sale, to purchase and rent. For more information about our range of waste baler & conventional baler options, contact our Sales Team on 01772 796688 or e-mail sales@pakawaste.co.uk