ATS 75.110 Fully Automatic Waste Handling Baler

Ideally suited to Manufacturing Plants, printers, convertors, warehouses & distribution, manufacturers of alum-foil and packaging.

This type of baler is designed for baling corrugated trim, newspapers, magazines, cardboard, plastic, packaging, alum-foil, thin alum-sheet and cans.

  • The ram chamber is deep and narrow providing efficient shearing of these types of material.
  • Feeding and conveyors are controlled by photocells in the hopper.
  • Feed hopper size options of 160 x 70cm or 130 x 70cm and with the addition of pre-press flaps this increases the width to 80cm.
  • The bale length is controlled by the length control wheel and/or by the number of strokes.
  • Bales are tied in 5x horizontal direction.
  • There is a choice of single material control system or multi-material (up to 20) including proportional pressure control. The operator has the option of selecting any of the pre-set programmes for automated operation or if required these settings can be adjusted and stored manually.
  • Press chamber can be made of wear-resistant sheet metal.

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