Powerkube Plus Waste Handling Baler

The middle sized machine in the range of Powerkube semi automatic horizontal baling presses. This baler has an aperture size of 1200 mm long x 1440 mm wide which is sufficient to accept medium to large sheets of cardboard fed by conveyor or wheely bin tipper.

With up to 62 tonnes of pressure, the baler shears material to make high density square edge bales allowing the maximum payload possible in a flat bed trailer which can be taken away by a waste processor, often in exchange for revenue. Plastic bale weights of 600 kg and cardboard bales of 500 kg are produced by this machine with a throughput of up to 1800 kg per hour.

Cycle time : 43 seconds

Maximum bale size : 1143 x 1490 x 762 mm

Powerkube Plus 
Length6100 mm (240 in)
Height 2468 mm (97 in)
Width 2324 mm (91)
Motor 15 kw (20 hp)
Cylinder bore 200 mm (7.875 in)
System pressure PSI/Bar 158 bar (2300 psi)
Ram force 50.8 tonnes (49.9 tons)
Cycle time 43 secs
Loading aperture (L x W) 1200 x 1440 mm (47 in x 57 in)
Maximum bale size (L x W x H) 1143 x 1490 x 762 mm (45 x 59 x 30 in)
Power supply rating (415v three phase) 40 amp ‘D’ rated
Shipping weight 7.65 tonnes (7.5 tons)
Bale weight* up to 650 kg (1430 lbs)

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