MX500 Three Phase Baler


  • Produces a mill size bale (weight 550kg)
  • Ideal for a large amount of material
  • Retaining claws to reduce spring back
  • Fully automated bale ejector: simplifies removal of bale
  • Five wire tying for a more secure bale

Optional Extra:

  • Available with 220-240 volts power supply
  • Unique patented prong shaper design eliminates the need for pallets when lifting, stacking and transporting bales
Height 3.217 m
Width 2.115 m
Depth 1.200 m
Weigth 1650 kg
Transportation Ht 2.50 m
Power supply 380-400 v 3 phase
Motor 11 kW 32 Amp
Pressing Force Up to 50 Ton
Noise level 74 decibels
Loading aperture 0.88 m H x 1.50 m W x 0.769 m D
Bale dimensions 1.20 m H x 1.50 m W x 0.769 m D
Maximum bale weight - dependant on material being baled Up to 550 kg
Cycle times 40 seconds

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