Pakawaste offers a comprehensive range of Waste Compactors for sale, lease or hire including portable, static, specialist and wheelie bin compactors.

They have been designed & engineered to be user-friendly, reliable, cost-effective and adaptable. Whether portable or static, each waste compactor solution can be tailored to suit any waste handling requirement.

Benefits of Waste Compactors:

  • Improve management of waste.
  • Reduce costs of waste collection.
  • Efficient working environment.
  • Minimize time and increase efficiency.

Across our range of compactors, we offer a large volume of production machinery which is beneficial for waste handling. Whether you’re looking for a standard static compactor like our Powerkrush 75, or maybe a specialist compactor such as our Static Rotokrush, we will have a product suitable for your needs.

If you want to know more about our range of Waste Compactors UK, please contact our specialist team today.

Improve your waste management today. We have a variety of Waste Compactors which will suit your requirements. Our range consists of:-