Smartpack Compactor

Benefits :

  • With the air filtration system, Smartpack’s in lower traffice locations can continue to accept waste for up to 1 week without having to be emptied free of odour concerns. This offers excellent payback benefits.
  • The weight/volume of the compacted waste (when the unit signals full) can be adjusted by user controls.
  • Can act as a great source of advertising and entertainment as messages can be programmed in and broadcast to customers.
Height 1170mm (46 in)
Width 610mm (24 in)
Depth 585mm (23in)
Weight 204.5 kg (450lbs)
Circuit 115v - 15 amp
Motor 1 hp
Compaction cycle time 6 - 7 seconds
Noise level Very quiet
Cube capacity 95 litres 3.3 cu. ft.

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