Powerkrush 90CA Compactor

The Powerkrush P90 Civic Amenity Static Compactor is the latest addition to our range of static compactors and has been specifically designed for the variations in materials found in CA sites.

Payloads in 35 cubic yard containers of 10 tonnes of green waste and 12 tonnes of green waste have already been achieved.

Powerkrush 90 
Overall length (to container face) 5350 mm (210.875 in)
Overall width (compactor body) 1716 mm (67.25 in)
Height (top of charge box) 1200 mm (51.25 in)
Clear charge box length 1820 mm (78.75 in)
Clear charge box width 1448 mm (57 in)
Charge box volume 1.93 cu.m (2.52 cu.yd)
CHEM volume per stroke 1.5 cu.m (1.96 cu.yd)
CHEM volume per hour 120 cu.m (157 cu.yd)
Ram compaction force (normal) 4.55 kg/sq.cm (66 psi)*
Ram compaction force (boost) 5.45 kg/sq.cm (79 psi)*
Dry cycle time 45 secs
Motor rating 11 kw (15 hp)
Power supply rating (415v 3 phase) 25 amp (with loader 32 amp)
Total weight 6 tonnes (5.9 tons)

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