The disposal of food waste can be a significant burden for many businesses, institutions and other food catering providers which are producing food and organic waste in large amounts.

Our newest addition to the Pakawaste range, The WasteMaster, converts and reduces the weight and volume of food waste by up to 80%. The food waste is transformed into a compost-like, odour free residual material with a high calorific value.

Food Waste Disposal

Everyone has a part to play in to reduce the current volume of food waste across the globe. There are many questions and queries which businesses ask us within this field. At Pakawaste, we’re a UK Food Waste Disposal and Processing Company, which assist and help companies nationwide to dispose their waste safely and responsibly.

It is significantly important to renew the efficiency of food waste disposal as a business. It will benefit your company as whole both financially and publicly. Also, it will enable your business to easily manage it’s waste by keeping records of your food intake and remove most of it through a disposal unit.

Why and How to Dispose Food Waste

It is a Duty of Care for all businesses to remove their waste with as little impact on the environment as possible. As a UK waste management company, we’ll supply you with the proficiency to deliver the correct disposal solutions for your food waste. We will reduce the time and money you’d spend legislating changes on food waste by providing you with the correct disposal units for your company.

Any kind of hospitality industry should make sure to manage and separate food waste from that of regular waste. Adding a disposal unit to your facilities can make such an impact in your organisation.

From an environmental point of view, disposal of food waste in the correct manner can be an effective way of reducing methane and CO2. This is because it will prevent leftovers of food from being brought to landfill sites. Furthermore, this is extremely relevant in an era where most people should be concerned with global warming.

In terms of how Pakawaste can help you get started with your food waste disposal, we’ll start by conducting a free site survey to allow us to tailor the correct disposal equipment and management for your business. We will also ensure you’re lowering your business’ carbon footprint and meet your objective by recycling as much as possible.

Key Benefits of Waste Disposal

  • Uphold the laws of commercial waste legislation
  • Competitive advantage compared to others
  • Improve publicity and brand reputation
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Will save your business money in the long term

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