Our Horizontal Balers are the best-built waste handling machines for handling large quantities of waste. As of the way they have been engineered, the horizontal balers produce bales in the space of a few minutes.

Our balers are highly reliable, engineered to last and are significantly cost effective to rune. The majority of our horizontal balers produce mill size bales to optimise your waste compaction.

Benefits of our Horizontal Balers:

  • Robust & low maintenance machines.
  • Low noise operation.
  • Can be loaded with a Bin Tipper.
  • Deals with large volumes of waste materials.

All of our horizontal waste balers can fit bin tippers to enhance their overall performance of waste handling & management. The Powerkube XL horizontal baler machine is the most popular baler in our range, click here for more details.

Horizontal Balers are the most effective solution for managing large sums of waste materials. The bales can either be bonded manually by the workman or automatically by the machine.

An advantage of owning a horizontal baler is that working space can be kept to a minimum with highly-compacted bales.

For more information on our horizontal baler equipment, contact Pakawaste today.