Pakawaste are able to provide bespoke material recovery facility solutions for local authorities implementing kerbside recycling schemes or companies introducing recycling to meet the requirements of the latest environmental legislation.

Pakawastes materials recovery facility is individually designed, manufactured and installed to suit the customer’s requirements. Pakawaste’s waste recycling services will help you reduce costs and benefit the environment by sorting waste materials into their constituent parts such as paper, plastics, glass and metal cans. These can then be crushed, baled or/and stored ready for recycling.

Pakawaste’s specialised materials recovery facility plant can receive, separate and prepare recyclable materials that can then, in many cases, be marketed to an end-user manufacturer.

Waste Recycling Facilities plant includes:

  • Industrial shredders and hoggers for wood, paper, cardboard etc;
  • Conveyor systems, including automatic mechanical, pneumatic feeding systems for compactors and shredders and in-floor conveyors;
  • Compactors for paper, cardboard and solid waste;
  • Bag openers, vibrating screens, trommels and magnetic sorters;
  • Baling presses for plastics, paper and cardboard;
  • Balers for ferrous metals and small aluminium can crushers.