Waste Transfer Stations

Designed to handle high volumes of waste

At the core of Pakawaste's transfer station services are the Powerkrush 1000 and the Powerkrush 2000 waste transfer stations; these large compactors have been designed to handle high volumes of waste with ease.

These two waste transfer station machines are extremely powerful compactors capable of transferring large amounts of waste material quickly and efficiently into the largest bulk containers.

Incorporated into their design are massive sections used to ensure no distortion takes place during the compaction process. The compaction ram penetrates into the container by 750mm to ensure maximum compaction and to eliminate spillback. This results in an easy, no-mess operation.

State of the art

Automatic high pressure tamping is included in the design which assists in the ease of container changeover.

State of the art electronic control allows for total flexibility of operational sequencing to suit individual site requirements.

For more information about our range of waste transfer station options or to request a free site survey contact our Sales Team on 01772 796688 or e-mail: sales@pakawaste.co.uk


Powerkrush 1000WTS


Powerkrush 2000WTS

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