When it comes to disposing of general waste South West Trains are now going full steam ahead with their new waste handling system. And it’s all thanks to Pakawaste Ltd. South West Trains depot handles all the black bag waste generated from their trains. All of this waste was then disposed of in a 40 yard open container which had to be emptied on a daily basis. Due to the increase in volume of waste, South West Trains required a more cost effective and efficient waste handling solution. After browsing the internet for waste handling equipment they found Pakawaste’s website, www.pakawaste.co.uk, so contacted the company immediately. Pakawaste conducted a free watse audit and advised the VB80d vertical baler would be the most suitable machine to bale the dry black bag waste. The VB80d is a vertical multi-chamber baling press with compaction of up to 6 tonnes of pressure. This baler is suitable for cardboard, paper, cans, plastic crates and shredded paper. With the VB80d now in place South West Trains have saved tens of thousands of pounds per year disposing fo their waste.