Pakawaste Ltd based in Lancashire, UK designed, installed and commissioned a waste fragmentation plant valued at around 250k, for one of the market leaders in the waste oil processing industry, OSS Ltd who now process around 60% of the used filters nationally.

OSS Ltd is in the Waste Oil processing industry and they were processing around 2.5T of used oil filters every hour. They were looking for a shredder supplier in the area and were sold on Pakawaste’s ability to design and manufacture turnkey systems. This plant has been able to segregate the various waste streams, utilising a shredder, tippler, conveyors and overband magnet system.

“This is a great example of how Pakawaste can create a bespoke waste segregation stream” said David Hamer, Managing Director for Pakawaste Ltd.“ OSS Ltd has expressed that they are really pleased, they now have their very own purpose built waste fragmentation plant. Its on of only a very few in the country that is licensed to received and handle hazardous waste”.They were looking for ways to separate oil, steel and contaminated filter elements within an overall recycling system. Everything was specifically designed for their site located at Knowsley, Merseyside. The system had to process full loads of 240L wheelie bins filled with filters at one end and send the three separated waste streams out at the other. Pakawaste installed the shredder, tippler, conveyors and overband magnet, they now have 3 waste streams. The oil is used as a feed stock for their legally compliant reprocessed fuel oil, NexGen. The various solid wastes are cleaned, packaged and sold to various processors. As this material has been cleaned and processed, it will cease to be classified as hazardous waste, making it easier to transport and re-use. The steel is sold to a metal recycling contractor and the card is baled into fuel logs. Pakawaste Ltd also designed and purpose built a bin washer, which now services all the OSS bins.