If you are wondering which compactor best meets your needs, look no further. Pakawaster provide an extensive range of compactors designed and manufactures to minimise waste through the process of hydraulic compaction.

Pakawaste can advise what compactor can best meet your needs dependent on different materials and the types of waste you will be processing for recycling or waste space limitation. Other factors which will be considered are the configuration and location of your waste management space. We can also provide planning and advise on how to manage the logistics within this area such as the use of track and dolly systems and integrated bin tippers providing full installation and training services.

Commercial compactors can greatly reduce the volume of waste making it much easier and cost-effective to handle and transport waste, greatly reducing the number of journeys and aiding the sale of processed (compacted) materials for recycling.

Benefits of Pakawaste compactors:

  • Improves management of waste
  • Minimising time & increasing efficiency
  • Cuts operational costs by minimising logistics
  • Increases efficiency of the working environment
  • Enhances safety and improves sanitation
  • Creates more space improving business environment aesthetics
  • Easy and safe to operate

The Pakawaste compactor range achieve a compaction ratio up to five-to-one and includes a comprehensive scope of automatic compaction machines (static compactors and mobile compactors) and wheelie bin compactors. Our unrivalled industry experience will ensure you receive the best solution to meet your individual requirements and allow you to…

Save Money – reduce your waste costs by up to 80%.

Save Time – no requirement to flat pack boxes.

Save Space – reduce bin and skip requirements by recycling your waste.

Save the Environment – send less waste for landfill by recycling.

Minimise dangers – reduces health and fire risks.

All our waste compactor solutions can be tailored to suit any waste handling requirement, simply contact us today on 01772 796688 or email sales@pakawaste.co.uk and we will ensure you get the best, most cost-effective solution for your needs.